Courses in Roman mosaics

June 13, 2014

As I have no minimum numbers for running a course at the workshop it is easy to accommodate students who wish to learn as much as possible if they have to travel and be flexible enough to focus on specific areas. Here is part of my reply to a recent inquiry on what can be covered in 2 days;

‘Day 1. History (very brief), The Rules, Methods of Work. Geometric mosaics – working out a pattern using geometry, setting a mosaic using the staff so no marks are needed on the baseboard. You complete a 30cm x 30cm mosaic.

Day 2. Brief recap on day 1. Figural mosaics, how to use what you’ve learnt already. Scaling figures up or down, introduction on how to do a piece for piece copy. You’ll start on a figure, done as a fragment.

Throughout both days. Technical issues, getting the right material, tools you need and don’t need (including an introduction to using a hammer and hardie), bases/adhesives/finishing off.

Everything in these 2 days is suitable for you if you have no experience in mosaic work or maths/geometry. Running through all of this is how you develop your ‘eye’, your ability to see the mosaics in a certain way. It’s very much about giving you the correct principles to work by so you can always refer back to them to improve in every piece you do. The courses are kept flexible so if there are any areas you wish to focus on we can do this.’

Course dates for 2014 are available here,


Mosaics in South East Europe

May 25, 2014

South East Europe Mosaics (SEE Mosaics), an organisation concerned with conservation of Roman and Early Christiian mosaics in the South Eastern countries of Europe. If you click on ‘Museums’ it has an extensive lists of the museums in that area and how many mosaics they have and whether or not they are on display. A number of the links are broken but it’s handy if you’re going to the area and you want to see what is there. There’s a great close up shot of a mosaic on the Home page!

Corinium Museum evening lecture May 29th by Emma Stuart

May 1, 2014

Corinium Museum evening lecture May 29th by Emma Stuart

The Roman mosaics of Corinium include some of the finest to have been unearthed in the country. Over 90 are known from the town and although many remain in situ, most of the important mosaics are now in the Corinium Museum. This lecture highlights some of the wonderful mosaics in the Corinium Museum collections and the sites they came from. The lecture will explore symbolism, pattern and meaning in the mosaics and uncover some of the background to their discovery.

Emma Stuart studied World Religions at the University of Manchester before going on to complete two Masters Degrees in Landscape History and Museum Studies. She currently works as Learning Development Officer at the Corinium Museum.

Cost: £5.65 or £5 to season ticket holders. Booking essential

Byzantine mosaics talk, London, May 30th 2014

April 6, 2014

London, May 30th. The talks by Liz James and Bente Kiilerich look to be very interesting.

And here’s the book, 98 euros (English and Greek versions) which is about standard for publications like this;

Latest students mosaics

March 30, 2014

Students mosaics. 2 members of Southbank Mosaics CIC, London, came up for a 1 day course yesterday. The Heart motif geometric mosaic was done just using a staff with no marking out on the board. As you can see she’s made a very accurate piece, the widths of the strands are consistent which means she didn’t have to adjust the spacing too much.
The fish has come out with a good shape, the curve has been followed well. The eye was done fairly early on and although the tesserae had to be cut much smaller they were accurately cut so as not to become just a line of fragments.
It’s well worth taking a look at their site, they have a lot of plans for their mosaic courses which will really boost the profile of mosaic work in this country.

students mosaic 1 south bank 29 march 2014Image

News about the supplies from the workshop

March 27, 2014

A bit of news (it’s also the first paragraph in the newsletter just out);

I’ve decided to take 6 months off from the supplies part of the business so I can focus on the manuals and getting the DVD course produced. This means the baseboards, tesserae supplies and kits will be suspended. Because the marble saw I use isn’t that powerful it’s just taking up too much time to keep up with the demand for material. I will still be cutting the 4mm tesserae for the workshops but not to have on general sale. This way I avoid becoming a one man sweatshop!
I will restock in time for the BAMM conference in London in October.

If you want any kits then you still have until this Monday to order after which I will take them down. The page is here;

There will be some available to go with the Staff manual but at this stage I have no idea how many.

What will remain in the shop is;
Publications – Tools – Marble rods – Pattern packs

The latest newsletter from the workshop

March 27, 2014

The latest newsletter from the workshop