Hammer and hardie course

April 27, 2014

Hammer and hardie course

Photo showing a student on the hammer and hardie workshop yesterday.
Although one day is enough for anyone to learn to use these tools she had some advantages. As a pianist she was used to keeping her arms relaxed and not locking up her wrist which is a real help. By keeping the wrist loose it’s quicker to pick up the technique of using the weight of the hammer to do the cutting.

Needless to say her posture was good, a straight, relaxed back which enables you not only to avoid back strain over long periods but also it is easier to ensure your hammer lines up correctly.

For more information on these workshops click on the photo.


hammer and hardie course

February 22, 2014

I’ve added a day course on using the hammer and hardie. There does seem to be a few different ways being shown, what I hope to do is to teach people how I use them when I’m cutting large amounts of marble. This way you learn to use them purely as just another set of tools and the skills you gain will ensure that you have a good solid base to build on. 

There’s all the information here

New article on the hammer and hardie

January 6, 2014

A new article on the website looking at whether you should invest in a hammer and hardie.http://romanmosaicworkshops.co.uk/page_3032788.html

Workshop stuff

November 13, 2013

Workshop stuff

Beats having to pick them all up off the floor!

New video on using the hammer and hardie to cut hard stones

January 15, 2013

Hopefully this explains the technique clearly enough. If you’ve not seen the first one I would advise you to watch that before this one.
Feedback is appreciated as are requests for any other subjects you’d like to see on video.

Riven cut marble 5mm thick

January 4, 2013

Riven cut marble 5mm thick

I’m just waiting for my new mic to arrive so I can finish the hammer and hardie video. In the meantime I’ve been looking at producing a riven cut of marble for sale.

These pieces are 8mm – 12mm along each edge but they are only 5mm thickness meaning they can be cut with nippers and the base of each is a machine cut flat surface. This means you can use the direct method for something that previously needed a hammer and hardie and experience with the Ravenna Method.

You don’t need any colour enhancers or waxes with this as what you see is the ‘true’ colour of the stone.

I will cut a certain amount then see what the interest is. Price wise it will be a little more expensive, approximately £2.20 per 100 grams, about 70 – 80 tesserae.

Using the hammer and hardie

November 15, 2012

A short video on the best way to use the hammer and hardie. These tools are the same as those used by the original Roman mosaicists of 2,000 years ago.
Mainly used by people using marble and other stone in their mosaics but they are also used for cutting smalti (glass)
You can see more information on the ‘Tools’ page of the website here: