Using the staff & square

I’m still working on the manual on using the staff and square to set out geometric patterns, it’s taking way too long but it has to be hardest one I’ve worked on.
I’m breaking it down into as many steps as I can but it has to be done in such a way that it reinforces the principles you learn at the beginning. Then, as you get experience you can start to do away with certain stages as you have developed your eye for the work.
The photo is of one of the drawings I do for the course. I start with drawing in the centre tesserae, scan the drawing, draw in the next stage, scan it, and so on. Depending on the pattern there can be anything from 10 – 20 individual scans.
Something that has become apparent to me during this is the importance of using a square. It really helps with checking that certain elements of the pattern are correctly in line. The same as with the staff though it is something that you should use less and less as you go on.
four interwoven hearts 13.jpg

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