Latest students mosaics

Students mosaics. 2 members of Southbank Mosaics CIC, London, came up for a 1 day course yesterday. The Heart motif geometric mosaic was done just using a staff with no marking out on the board. As you can see she’s made a very accurate piece, the widths of the strands are consistent which means she didn’t have to adjust the spacing too much.
The fish has come out with a good shape, the curve has been followed well. The eye was done fairly early on and although the tesserae had to be cut much smaller they were accurately cut so as not to become just a line of fragments.
It’s well worth taking a look at their site, they have a lot of plans for their mosaic courses which will really boost the profile of mosaic work in this country.

students mosaic 1 south bank 29 march 2014Image

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