The use of the Staff in Roman mosaics

Here’s a link to the article on my website about the use of a Staff in setting out Roman mosaic floors.

This is just my own theory (in conjunction with a previous student of mine, Stephen Fitts a mosaic fixer of 40 years experience) but it is a way I would work given the size of floors and the need to accurately repeat some very complex patterns.

There is a part 2 and you can see that one here This one shows how the staff is used in a specific pattern.



4 Responses to The use of the Staff in Roman mosaics

  1. Mike_M says:

    These links don’t work any more – have you removed the pages from the new site?

    • Mike_M says:

      Ooops – I’ve just seen the paragraph on the homepage that says you’re checking the articles before posting them on the new site. Sorry!

  2. Kenton Greening says:

    I like your theory on the use of the staff. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to prove, but it would fit with the thoughts of Prof. Franco Missini who helped protect the mosaics at the Villa Romana del Casale (in the 1950s). Kenton

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