Latest students mosaics

These are the latest mosaics from 2 students on the full day course. 4mm thick marble, terracotta and travertine on 6mm cement fibre board. 

The student who did the bird had no previous mosaic experience but she was a artist who paints in oils. The colour combination has worked really well, not too fussy but enough there to make sure it stands out.

The version of Running Deer was done to represent a Albino deer. Again the student had no previous experience but this is a good example of the use of a coloured background as opposed to the usual off white seen in most Roman mosaics. There are some where they have a background of red or black, but not many. 

At the last minute she decided to change the eye from the yellow to black and this has made all the difference as it has created a positive point of focus and given the direction of gaze for the deer.




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