New background white stone

New stone for the background white.
I’ve found a supplier for a shade of white for use as the background in Roman mosaic work. Biancone, a good white shade without the variation that you get in say, Botticino. It does have some brown/green veining which can affect the cut lines but it’s a fairly nice stone to work. I’ll be stocking this as the background white now and then at some point adding Botticino for the more classical look. Botticino does tend to be the one I prefer to use for background in a Roman mosaic but I use only the lighter shade. Unfortunately you get what’s in stock and if it is too dark a shade then the suppliers just point to their disclaimer, ‘all natural stones can vary in colour, yadda, yadda, yadda.’

Cut here to 10mm thick tesserae it is now also available as 4mm thick.

I’m currently trying to sort out the Crema Marfil to finish some orders then I will drop that one as the last 2 loads have been almost brown! The reason I was using it for the background white is that a tile store here stocked it so I could actually handle the stuff before buying. They’ve now stopped and I have to resort to ordering online, hence the problems.

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