Redrawing and scaling up Roman geometric mosaic patterns

Roman Geometric mosaic patterns;
When you work out a pattern from a geometric mosaic I feel that there are 4 stages you need to go through.If you go through these 4 each time then you will eventually be able to reproduce the patterns for your mosaics in the most effective way.
1. Do your drawing in whatever way works. Work out the pattern from the outside, in or from the inside out it doesn’t matter. Apply every possible line and shape to find out what was used, just use whatever method to understand the pattern. You work from the centre of a large sheet of blank paper starting with a dot in the centre. Don’t set borders yet. See what size the mosaic fits to which is determined by the size of tesserae that you use.
2. Re do the drawing but this time work it in a more effective order. Understand the dimensions you’re working with, i.e. the diameter of the circles and bands etc and mark out your total size first. Set the lines from the inside out and draw the shapes starting with the largest first and working from the outside in.
3. Scale up this drawing on your baseboard and set the mosaic on it.
4. Then looking at how you did the finished mosaic understand the minimum number of lines/shapes that are needed when drawing out on your baseboard. Use marking points instead of full shapes. make a note of this for future reference alongside step 2.
By going through these 4 stages you end up using just the markings you need. What you don’t want to do is to be repeating stage 2 every time. And if you just use stage 1 then you’ll be there a long time!

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